Home groups

Currently, all home groups are meeting via zoom.

Bournville Parish Church has an exciting discipleship programme that will offer everyone who wishes to a chance to participate as we learn and grow together.

What is the programme?

It is a wide programme of intergenerational activities and experiences offered and lead by the whole church as we grow in discipleship and friendship together. Running alongside each we will be offering a wide range of opportunities for us to grow in our faith and learning together. It is our hope that all will join in at least one of the groups in a yearly cycle.

Groups range from discussion groups, walking groups, book groups, arts and crafts, prayer and meditation, Lego groups and baking groups. If you have a particular gift, we encourage you to offer a group as part of the programme also, all suggestions will be welcomed. We see this programme as offering all an opportunity to try new things and meet new people.

In between each cycle of groups, we have a break. We are currently on a break but we are busy getting ready for the launch of our new theme. Our next theme will see us through Lent. Watch this space for more upcoming information.


How will each group work?

Each group will be hosted and/or lead by a member of the church.

Hosts invite groups to meet in their homes, it is therefore up to them to offer a time and frequency that a group meets. If it is an outdoor activity, then it would be the group leader who offered the times they could lead the group. Any outdoors groups will follow current guidelines on social distancing.

What kind of support can a leader of one of these groups expect?

As a parish we will have a theme, but each group is encouraged to focus on that theme in a way which best suits the style and presentation of the group they are leading. It will be the role of the leadership team to support and provide resources and suggestions in any way which is needed. However, we see our main role as encouraging and empowering the whole church to offer and develop their gifts and skills in us growing together in faith and discipleship. Please do contact us if you would like to discuss hosting or participating a home group.

For more information on the current range of home groups being offered please contact us.

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