Bournville Parish Church, as part of The Church of England Birmingham, is committed to promoting a Safer Church for everyone. Safeguarding is the action the Church takes to promote a safer culture.

We will seek to promote the welfare of children, young people, and adults, work to prevent abuse from occurring, protect those that are at risk of being abused, and respond well to those that have been abused. We will take care to identify where a person may present a risk to others, and offer support to them whilst taking steps to mitigate such risks.

If you have any concerns about a child, a young person, an adult who may be vulnerable, or someone who works for or volunteers for Bournville Parish Church or the St Francis Youth and Community Centre then do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Parish Safeguarding Officer, Ralph Thomas, can be contacted at: ralphpam@blueyonder.co.uk or by phone: 07977 486943.

The Bishop’s Safeguarding Adviser, Steph Haynes can be contacted on 07342 993 844, or via email at stephh@cofebirmingham.com

Bournville Parish Church's Safeguarding Policy can be downloaded here.

And the Bournville Parish Church's Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy can be downloaded here.

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